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Burkhan Khaldun Mountain

Khentii, Mongolia


The base of the mountain can be reached by four-wheel drive vehicle from the sum center of Monngonmorit if there have been no recent rains and the road is dry. Otherwise access is by horse from Mongonmort area. From the campground at the base of the mountain to the summit is a climb of 2144 vertical feet. The ascent can be made in one day on foot, although horses are certainly preferable. The mountain is in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area and a permit is required to visit.

Another locale in the Khentii Mountain frequented by Zanabazar was 7724-foot Khentii Khan Uul, also known as the Burkhan Khaldun of the Khamug Mongols. The top of this mountain is where according to legend; Chinggis Khan went to pray for guidance before going into battle. According to the Rosary of White Lotuses , an exhaustive history of Buddhism in Mongolia, Chinggis , although not a Buddhist  himself, was considered an emanation of Vajrapani, one of the protector deities of Mongolia.By mid seventeenth century Chiggis had become an accepted figure in the Buddhist pantheon and Burkhan Khaldun (Khentii Khan Uul) had developed into a pilgrim-age site for Buddhists who wanted to honor his spirit    

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