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Dornod Mongolia Steppe


Located in eastern Mongolia, the Dornod Mongolia Steppe is a large, protected grassland ecosystem; one of the largest on earth. The vast landscape is impressive enough, but it also sees about 40,000 Mongolian white-tailed gazelles migrate through the area each year, making it a wildlife photographer’s dream.

The landscape is characterized by gently rolling hills with scattered mountains and sand dunes unique to the region. The area is rich in biodiversity, encompassing biological features from the Siberian taiga, Manchurian flora and fauna, and dominated by Central Asian steppes. Some of the largest remaining herds of Mongolian gazelle can be found in the region.

The Biosphere Reserve is sparsely populated with some 11,800 people, and the pastoral population depends largely on the environment. Due to the remote location of Dornod Mongol, the pastoral lifestyle and culture in the region have remained relatively intact, and offer possibilities to preserve this culture that has evolved hand in hand with nature over many thousands of years.

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