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Eej Khairkhan Mountain

Gobi Altai, Mongolia


Eej Khairkhan Mountain at 2,275 m is located between Tsogt and Altai soums of Gobi-Altai province north of the Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area. This area was protected in 1992 as a Nature Reserve and in 1995, it was included in the category "Cultural and Historical Sites" thus preserving 22,475 hectares under Parliament Resolution No. 26. For centuries, Eej Khairkhan Mountain was reserved and worshipped by the locals in their belief that mountain blessed families with children. The nine green-framed stone pots, which are set aside the deep rocky strip near the solitary mountain, cut off the Gobi Middle Mountains, on the western side of Eej Khairkhan Mountain very much attract the interests of nature lovers and conservators. When the first pot is filled up, it creates a little waterfall by spilling its excess water to the next pot through the stone threshold, which is 40-50 cm long.

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