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Ikh Bogd Mountain, Bichigt Khad And Tsagaan Agui

Bayankhongor, Mongolia

Ikh Bogd "Great Saint" also known as Tergun Bogd, is a mountain of the Gobi-Altai mountains and located in the Bayankhongor province in Mongolia. It has an elevation of 3,957 metres (12,982 ft) above sea level. Rocky peaks loom over changing landscapes that are ideal for archaeological explorations, bird watching, wildlife veiwing, hiking and mountain climbing. Of its many peaks, canyons, and velleys, one of the province's most revered sites is the highest in the Gobi Altai range. 

Other notable attractions include BICHIGT KHAD, a worldclass petroglyphic site, whose rock paintings date back to the Bronze age. The nearby TSAGAAN AGUI White Cave is believed to be the place of the earliest human inhabitance in Mongolia, with evidence of human presence dating as far back as 700,000 years ago.

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