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Khentii Province

Khentii, Mongolia



The historical place Deluun Boldog: where Chinggis Khaan was born and Aurag where his residential place was located and the “ The Secret History of the Mongols “ was written in 1240. There are many places of interests such as cave paintings, ruinsof 13th and 14th century towns, Stone Walls of the Kidan dynasty, Khajuu bulag and Uglugchiin Kherem.

Khukh Nuur or the Blue Lake: is said to e the site where Temuujin was crowned as Chinggis Khaan in 1206. There is small plaque that marks the coronation spot, which some say was attended by 100,000 soldiers.

Khan Khentii protected area: covers 1.2 million ha of the rugged Khentii mountains with several peaks over 2,000 m 70 rivers of various sizes including the three large ones, the Tuul, Onon and Kherlen feed from numerous springs of the Khentii range. The peak of Tsogt Chandmani at the end of the Khentii Mountain Range is the world watershed of three huge drainage basins: the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Inland Basin of Central Asia 

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