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Khujirt Hot Spring

Uvurkhangai, Mongolia


Location: Ovorkhangai Province, Accessible by road from the sum center of Kharkhorin or from the main Ulaanbaatar – Arvaikheer Highway.

Zanabazar was a renowned polymath who applied his energy to the study of a staggering array of subjects. One of his interests was the medicinal properties of hot springs.

He is known to have studied the water of at least four hot spring complexes in Mongolia and no doubt he himself took advantage of their curative and restorative powers. While traveling between the monastery of Baruun Khuree and his workshop at Tovkhon Zanabazar would have had numerous opportunities to stop at the extensive hot springs complex at Khurjirt, on the edge of the Orkhon Valley. According to locals it was he who first studied the medicinal properties of these sprigs. Khujirt, located between the now popular tourist attraction of Erdene Zuu and the famous Orkhon Waterfall in the upper Orkhon Valley and easily accessible by road from Ulaanbaatar, is today a major resort with a sanatorium, hotels and ger camps 

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