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Khuvsgul Province

Murun, Mongolia

Khuvsgul Province's climate belongs to that of the high mountain ranges and river lands and therefore it has a relatively wet and cold climate. It is recommended to be well prepared and taken warm clothes and waterproof boots with you whether you are riding horses, hiking or traveling by boat. Average daily temprature in the summer is 16.9C, and during winter it is -23.8 C. During summer, the bright sun shines at you and the flowers and green grasses are everywhere. However in the winter, the blinding snow will be found everywhere, truly two extreme scenes of the beautiful nature. 

First of all every traveler needs a comfortable place to sleep. There ar e many local comfortable hotels like Dul Gobi and Juulchin, you can find smaller, comfortable hotels like Delgermoron, Khangarid, Tamir and Javkhlan, that offer European and Mongolian Cuisine. Ofcourse there are also many tourist camps that offer gers, the traditional Mongolian dwelling that have existed for centuries and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. These hotels offer you a comfortable stay after long and tiring trips, European and Mongolian national dishes, hot and cold showers and a pleasing environment. 

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