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Manjusri Monastery

Zuunmod, Mongolia

Former Buddhist Monastery built in 1733, and destroyed in 1937. It once consisted of 20 buildings housing 300 monks, many of whom were executed in late 1930s. After 1990, the main temple was rebuilt and turned into a museum. the ruins of 17 other buildings remain visible. There is a tourist ger camp on the site. The monastery site is at least 4km from town.

From the bus stop in town walk down the same street past the central park and museum. At end of the road turn right and walk down a few hundred meters. At the next major junction at traffic lights turn left. Cross the low plain on the road and after 200m turn left again into a suburb of the town, mainly a group of huts and low buildings. Pass the small active buddhist temple. Soon the dirt road leaves the last houses behind. You can go onto the hills that follow the road to Manjushri Khiid on the right side of the valley. They are worth for the views and the Obos. Follow one hilltop after another. After the one with two large Obos go down again onto the road that then goes through a gate, where on busy days you have to pay an entrance fee to the National Park of Bogd Khan Uul.

Walk another kilometer to the monastery site. Just after the parking lot turn right up the hillside past a small museum with stuffed animals and past a huge broken bronze cauldron. You should soon be able to see a major path leading up into the trees. Follow this path which is marked with yellow on the trees for about two to three hours to the summit of Bogd Khan Uul. There are signs in Cyrillic Tsetsee Gün, which is the name of that highest rocky outcrop at 2256m. From there you can see Ulan Bator and will be able to reach the city after another three to four hours walk.

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