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The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape – Unesco World Heritage Site

Uvurkhangai, Mongolia

The Orkhon Valley covering an area of 1220 square kilometers (470 sq.miles) is one of the most important cultural regions in the world and was recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage as cultural landscapes in 2004. The extensive area encompasses the pastureland on both banks of the Orkhon river and includes sites such as Kharkhorin, the 13th century capital of Chinggis Khan’s Empire.

The archaeological remains collectively reflect the symbiotic relationship between nomadic, pastoral societies and their administrative and religious centers, and the importance of the Orkhon valley in the history of central Asia. The site demonstrates clearly how a strong and persistent nomadic culture led to the development of extensive trade networks and the creation of large administrative, commercial, military and religious centres. 

The influence of the largest empire in the world undoubtedly influenced societies across Asia and Europe while absorbing the cultural influences both from east and west.

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