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Ulaanbaatar - Capital City

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Like nearly one half of the Mongolian population, the capital city of Ulaanbaatar is herself a nomad. The city has changed its locations more than twenty times over the past 350 years before taking root in her current location in a sweeping valley bounded by four sacred peaks, including Bogd Khaan Mountain to the south. Along with her location, the capital has changed names over the years, having been called Urguu from 1639 to 1706, Ikh Khuree 1706-1911, Niislel Khuree 1911-1923 and finally Ulaanbaatar since 1924.

Ulaanbaatar today is a vibrant city of more than million residents. The city reflects a close and sometimes amusing juxtaposition of nomadic traditions and modern society, perhaps best summarized by her skyline dotted with both gers and towering skyscrapers. If cities have a heart, and they certainly do, then the heart of Ulaanbaatar is Sukhbaatar Square. This sprawling plaza situated front of the capital building, is THE PALACE where residents and visitors gather for celebrations, exhibitions, and concerts or just for a leisurely stroll with friends.

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