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Xilamuren Grassland

Hohhot, Mongolia

Also known as Zhaohe Grassland because there is a Puhui Temple. Puhui Temple is a lamasery built in the 34th year of the Qianlong Emperor reign (1769 in the Qing Dynasty), which served as the temporary abode where the Six Living Buddhas at Xilituozhao Palace would spend their summers in meditation. The distance is about 90 kilometers from Xilamuren Grassland to the downtown area of Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia. It takes you no more than 1.5 hours' drive if you take the express highway.

Meaning Yellow river in Mongolian, the Xilamuren Grassland is the earliest grassland to have been developed as a tourism attraction in Inner Mongolia. It is a typical plateau of grassland with a chain of undulating hills around it. However, the Xilamuren Grassland has sparse grass and is suffering from severe desertification because of over grazing and tourism development in recent years. Xilamuren Grassland lies very close to Hohhot; therefore, local tourist buses, non-local self-driving travel cars and tourists from all directions gather there. If you want to visit a better grassland.

The best time to visit the Xilamuren Grassland is from June to September. In spring, it is windy. In autumn and winter, it is cold. In summer, it is cool and the grass looks like a carpet. Therefore, summer is the best season for you to visit.

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