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Gobi Photo Safari Tour

Gobi Photo Safari Tour Packages
Country: Mongolia
City: Dalanzadgad
Duration: 11 Day(s) - 10 Night(s)
Tour Category: Photography Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Day 1

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Have a half day city tour including Bogd Khaan Palace museum, Sukhbaatar square, Zaisan Memorial where you can see throughout city. L/D

Day 2

Whole day drive to Baga gazriin chuluu. Granite area covering 300km square. Visit to cave where monks used to meditade. Spend night in tourist camp. /B/L/D/

Day 3

Transfer to Ikh gazriin chuluu. They spread out from west to east covering about 20 kilometers. There are many interesting stories about local historic people who had lived or had been hidden in caves from the royalties of that time. These caves are usually named after those people. It has a rich family of plants and is a home to many wild animals. Overnight in tourist camp. /B/L/D/

Day 4

Drive to Tsagaan suvraga. Interesting formation 90 degree corner cliffs. Overnight in Nomadic family. /B/L/D/

Day 5

Proceed to Bayanzag /Flaming cliffs/. This place is the well-known its finds of Dinosaurs' fossil. In 1920 American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews explored this place and gave name Bayanzag/Rich in saxaul/. Flaming cliffs means it is resemble red fire when reddish sun shine it. Especially during sunset. Overnight in tourist camp./B/L/D/

Day 6

Drive to Khongor Sand Dunes via Tugrugiin Shiree, famous for the Fighting Dinosaurs' fossil, a skeleton of a Protoceratops and a Velociraptor locked in combat. Once you reach Khongor Sand dunes you can ride a camel. /B/L/D/

Day 7

Head to Khongor sand dunes, length is 180km, width is 3-15km, height is 15-30m. Forward the sand dunes you can find high Mountains. On the other hand backward is beautiful oasis with river. Thus scenery is splendid. Ride camels via sand dunes. /B/L/D/

Day 8

Drive to Yol valley/ Bearded Vulture Valley/. The Mountain is 2800m above see level. 16 sq km area was protected. Even it is summer we can see ice there. In some case more than 1m width. When you see to the sky bottom of the valley sky is look like a blue line. Also breaded vultures live surrounding area of Yol Valley./B/L/D/

Day 9

Return to Ulaanbaatar by airplane.

Day 10

Today your guide and drive pick you up from your hotel. Have shopping tour./B/L/D/

Day 11

Transfer to the airport. Your driver and tour guide see you off at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport /B/L/

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